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Bonus: News and Productivity Course

  • Stay in touch with us and Nozbe tips
  • Intro to the "10 Steps To Ultimate Productivity" course
  • How to Put Everything into Your Inbox
  • How to Manage Your Projects
  • How to Manage your Priorities (Next Actions)
  • How to Be Productive on the Go
  • How to Communicate Through Tasks
  • How to Work in Contexts (categorize tasks)
  • How to Manage Your Reference Material (documents)
  • How to Review Your Productivity System Regularly
  • How to Manage Email Efficiently
  • How to Put Your Perfect Productivity System in Place (today!)
  • The Founder and CEO of Nozbe


    • How can I save notes related to the project?
    • Is it possible to have sub-projects in Nozbe?
    • How do you use project templates in your everyday work?
    • How do you store reference materials in Nozbe
    • I work alone. Can Nozbe help me organize my projects and tasks?
    • How do I find reference material in completed tasks?
    • Will Nozbe have a "start date" and a "repeat after completion date"?
    • How to deal with a complicated project with many stages and deadlines in Nozbe?
    • What happens when I invite someone to my Nozbe team account?
    • What do you do when you need an instant reaction from your employee?
    • How does sharing project templates in Nozbe exactly work?
    • How a manager can follow a project or a task
    • Does your wife as a lawyer use nozbe to get things done?
    • How do you run your company remotely?
    • Where is Nozbe based? Where is your office?
    • How do you deal with privacy of your clients' data?
    • How do you handle Feature Requests at Nozbe?
    • How do you use Nozbe to run the company?
    • Nozbe history
    • What are your plans for the 10th anniversary of Nozbe?
    • How do you force yourself to do a weekly review... every week?
    • Can the Communication Pyramid be implemented to the process of communication with clients?
    • Do you use email only to communicate with your clients?
    • How does the Communication Pyramid approach affect the relationships within your team?
    • How to keep track of an overwhelming number of projects and tasks?
    • How to stay focused when you are overwhelmed by the number of various tasks on your Priority list?
    • How to have your Priority list always at hand?
    • Do you have a someday/maybe category or an annual or quarterly project with non-actionable tasks?
    • How do you manage loose tasks?
    • Why use Dropbox and Google Drive instead of choose just one?
    • How do you organize your Dropbox folders? Is it loose archive like in Nozbe?
    • What do you use Github and Confluence for?
    • How do you use Evernote with Nozbe?
    • Which apps, apart from Nozbe, do you use to run Nozbe?
    • When will Nozbe integrate with Slack?