Affiliate Program

Earn Passive Income! Up to 20% Commissions!

Nozbe’s success is based mainly on the word of mouth - help us promote our productivity solution and we’ll reward you handsomely. You’ll get 20% from every payment made by the customer you refer to Nozbe throughout their first year and 5% from every payment thereafter. As long as both you and they stay with us. Every month or year they pay for their Nozbe plan. To get started promoting Nozbe, just go to ‘Affiliate’ folder in your account settings.

I truly believe in Nozbe: Just so you know… I decided to become a Nozbe affiliate because I truly believe in it and recommended from my heart.” - Tatiana Maya

In Nozbe’s settings you can set up a special affiliate code and URL to share with your friends, colleagues and social media followers. When they use your link to sign up for Nozbe, we’ll know they came from you.

Offer additional month(s) to your friends

To make sure people you refer to Nozbe really use your referral URL, we’ll give them an additional incentive: extra time! This way you’re offering them a better deal on Nozbe than the official Nozbe page. They’ll want to order Nozbe through you.

If your affiliate code is MICHAEL, just tell people to visit this link: http://nozbe.com/?a=MICHAEL

Get Paid Quickly - After You’ve Earned $100!

The payment threshold is the equivalent of 100 USD. If your commissions don’t reach it this month, we’ll move them to the next one. So don’t worry, you will be paid eventually. Just keep promoting Nozbe and we’ll keep on accumulating your commissions. Thanks!

Currently, we’re only sending money through PayPal, so make sure to set up a free PayPal account to be able to receive our payments.

Detailed Statistics in Your Nozbe Account

In your Nozbe “Settings” section, you’ll be able to locate your affiliate ID and direct link. Please note that you can amend your ID, which is per default set to the nickname, from the settings of the account.

When you´ve already referred Nozbe to somebody, you´ll see an additional ‘Affiliate‘ section in the Sidebar of your Nozbe account:


You´ll find there detailed information to your affiliates:

  1. Dashboard - you can see and change your affiliate link here:

  2. Nozbe promo materials - get your affiliate banner here!

    Below you can see your affiliate statistics, see all details which could be interesting for you such as:

  3. New Visits under your affiliate id

  4. Visits history

  5. New Trial Accounts

  6. All Free and Trial Accounts

  7. New Commissions

  8. Pending Commissions

  9. Paid Commissions

  10. Payouts

Commission scheme

All users start at 20% initial 1st-year-commission i.e. you will get 20% from each effective payment, monthly or yearly, made by the referred person (refunded payments do not count). After the first year of their Nozbe use, your commission will be 5%.

Why does the commission fall after the first year?

The reason is quite simple. The first payment made by a recommended party is fully your doing and for a well done job one has to be rewarded. Yet, keeping the customer going and using the program is effect of cumulative work of our team. Thus the commission drops, but your initial involvement is still acknowledged by a steady 5% throughout given user’s use.

This variation in rewards is also there to keep you motivated ;-D