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Nozbe Personal and Nozbe

First of all - we still support Nozbe Personal, and its a fully developed app. You don’t have to move to Nozbe unless you are sure it will suit you better.

Nozbe Personal and Nozbe are two separate apps, and they offer different solutions.

For instance, if you create a project in Nozbe Personal, it will remain private, unless you decide to invite more users to it. In new Nozbe, each newly created project is per default visible to everyone in your team.

In Nozbe Personal, some tasks are added to your Priority list automatically. In Nozbe, this view was separated into two sections: ‘Incoming’ for all tasks that require your attention, and ‘Priority’ – entirely controlled by you.

Also, you won’t find Inbox in new Nozbe. For tasks that don’t belong to any project, you can use the Single Tasks view.

Watch this video and find out which app - Nozbe or Nozbe Personal - is better for you:

To learn more about Nozbe features, please have a look at our dedicated help page:

To learn how to import your Nozbe Personal projects to Nozbe, visit the following link:

To learn more about migrating not only data but also your Nozbe Personal subscription, visit our website about the migrator tool:

Of course, if you have any questions concerning these two products, please do not hesitate to contact us: