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Reports in Nozbe Personal

Productivity Report - What is Nozbe Personal Ratio?

You will receive your weekly Nozbe Personal Ratio with your Weekly Report. You can turn it on in the Email Notifications. But what is exactly Nozbe Personal Ratio? There is a secret formula for that! Just add all your completed, delegated and deleted tasks, divide this by the sum of tasks added and delegated to you and then multiply it by 100[%] and you will get your Nozbe Personal Ratio!

Why is it useful? To understand this, have a look at Nozbe Personal’s Ratio scale below:

As you can see, Nozbe Personal Ratio can show you whether or not you are becoming more or less productive. You don’t have to worry too much over the actual number, but it’s good to pay attention to the overall outcome.

It’s best to keep your Nozbe Personal Ratio at 100% or higher which means that you are completing more tasks than you create.

If you don’t get to 100% for a few weeks, that may mean that it’s time to limit the number of projects or tasks or completed some of those you already have on your list.

Video Explaining Nozbe Personal Ratio

Team Productivity Report

Team admins can generate reports for each team member (without data from their private projects). Additionally, Premium accounts for 10 people and more can create reports for the current week, last month and current month.

Please remember that these reports do not automatically refresh. They are updated about every 1~2 hours, so sometimes the data may be inconsistent for a short time.

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Detailed Weekly Report

If you want to generate the report from your activity go to You+Team -> You -> Infobar and you will find a short version of the report for the current week and a button to print the full report.

The report contains stats and a list of all completed, delegated and deleted tasks. The report is generated as a PDF and requires an internet connection. You can also include stats from your private projects in the report if you want.