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Just send us an email to and we’ll get back to you within a few hours at the latest. We work in different time zones to make sure we can reply to you right away.

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We guarantee response time by the next day. Usually, within just a few minutes.

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Meet Our Customer Support Team:

When you do email us, one of our Customer Happiness Officers will reply to you:

Meet the Rest of Our Nozbe Team:

We have a strong engineering team led by Radziu (CTO) with Tomasz (CRO), Rafał (CPO),Kamil, Konrad, Michał, Leon, Jarek, Mijam, and our designer Hubert (VP Style). In marketing we have: Magda (content) and Ewelina (PR Manager, social media).

We’re also working regularly with great editors and translators: Daniella (English), Keisuke (Japanese), Kasia and Ela (Polish), Martina (German), Maria and Luis (Spanish), Callista and Łukasz (Dutch), Marina (Russian), Mr. Wang (Chinese), Kang (Korean), Philippe (French) and more coming soon!

Waldek (CFO) takes care of our finances.

Michael Sliwinski is responsible for the vision and marketing of our productivity apps as the CEO and founder.

Here’s our team photo (November 2019)

Team Nozbe

Nozbe Is a Product of a company: “Nozbe Michal Sliwinski”

Nozbe® is a product and a registered trademark of Michael Sliwinski and his company (Nozbe Michal Sliwinski) in the European Union and other countries and continents.

Apart from Nozbe, we were also running the Productive! Magazine

Official address and company details

Nozbe Spółka Z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością

ul. Spacerowa 31/5, 81-521 Gdynia, Poland (Europe)

EU-VAT ID: PL5862383639

Past Projects of

If you’re really interested, before launching Nozbe, Michael (as - founded in 2003) was involved with these projects: (operated by Urregui S.L.), (operated by the artist), SpanienInfo (operated by Javier Jurado), HitRSS (discontinued), (shut down in 2008).