Hashtags (#)

How to Add Tasks Quickly with “#” (video)

Hashtags (#)

When adding a new task, you can simultaneously specify its details (parameters). You can do this by using hash symbol “#” and choosing from the list displayed below:


Each detail must be preceded by a hashtag:


To add a task to one of your existing projects, just type: Task name #project name Afterwards, you can specify all other task details such as #delegation #date or #category. Please note that it is necessary to specify the project first before the responsible person can be defined (and you have to share the project with this person).

Should you want to delegate the task to yourself, just type #you (it won’t work with your name!).

Sometimes, not only in bigger teams, there is more than one person with the same name. In Nozbe you can also delegate tasks using the account email address of the people you’re sharing your projects with #email@example.com

Side note: in case you wish to add a specific date and time the format used should be for example: “#January 10 11:00” - this will make an action set to the nearest 10th of January for 11 a.m.

If you wish to send the action right away to a Priority list simply type #priority or #!

You can also create task with comment included thanks to hashtags. Just use double hashtag: Task ##Comment

hashtag comment

You can also use hashtags when adding tasks to Nozbe via email.

Apart from the above mentioned use in emailing of existing # formatting you can also create a project via email, but there is a little catch to it… it has to come with at least one task. To do so send an email to your personal Nozbe email address, as usual. In the subject line put “# name of a project” (DO NOT FORGET THE SPACE BETWEEN # and the name) and in the body put your first task.

On your iOS devices you can use the # sign on the top of your keyboard, adding task parameters could´t be easier on your iPhone or iPad now

hashtag comment