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Timetracking Integrations

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Did you know you can integrate some of the best time tracking apps with Nozbe? With these apps, you will be able to view how many hours you’re spending on various projects, tasks, and other activities!

How to Connect Your Nozbe App with PomoDone

The PomoDone app can track your time spent on tasks in Nozbe!

(Please remember that you will need to purchase the Ultimate PomoDone plan to use this integration.)

First, log in to your PomoDone account and choose the Nozbe app in the “Integrations” section to enable it. In the following screen, log in to your Nozbe account using your Nozbe e-mail address and password. From here, simply allow access to your Nozbe account.

You can choose which Nozbe projects you want to sync with PomoDone. You can also sync the finished tasks from PomoDone back to Nozbe.

How to Connect Your Nozbe App with Timecamp

If you integrate Nozbe with Timecamp, you will be able to track time directly through your projects and tasks. You will also be able to:

Enabling integration is very easy. Log in to your Timecamp account, and then go to the Nozbe integration section. Follow the steps there, choose which projects you want to synchronize, and start tracking your time!

How to Connect Your Nozbe App with Clockify

This integration is based online through a browser extension. It only works on, and you have to use a browser that allows you to install the Clockify extension.

To use it, follow these steps:

How to Connect Your Nozbe App with Toggl

This integration is similar to the Clockify one, as it is also a browser extension. It only works on, and you’ll have to install the Toggl extension. When you enable Toggl, it places a timer into your Nozbe online app and tracks your time spent on each task through your Toggl account. To activate the integration, follow these steps:

The Toggl extension also has other features, such as: