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All Connections to Nozbe Personal Are Secure

When you log in to Nozbe Personal web interface or our free mobile apps or desktop programs, all connections established are secure and encrypted using TLS, banking-level security.

Our Secure Infrastructure Is Located in the European Union

Nozbe Personal is a European company. For customer safety and privacy reasons, our main servers are located in Germany in the European Union.

Just like in the banking industry, our servers are PCI-DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and are being regularly audited (every 3 months). This basically means we’re running just the services we need on our servers and they’re all patched to the latest security updates.

Our data center is monitored 24/7, with restricted access and strong security surveillance. Only two people in our company have access to the full Nozbe database.

Live Backups to Two Remote Locations

To make sure your data is safely backed up at all times, we have set up “satellite” infrastructures in two different European countries where our databases are replicated live using highly-encrypted connections.

Apart from that, our main database is configured in such a way to be able to restore any data from any moment at our customers' request.

Thanks to our advanced setup no customer data loss is possible. We’re here to keep your tasks and projects safe and accessible to you (and only you) at all times.

Technical Information and Web Addresses

If you need more details about how Nozbe works, along with some addresses, here it is:

Bug Bounty Program

We keep tweaking, improving and stress-testing our infrastructure as our customers entrust Nozbe Personal with their personal and professional information. To help us with the effort of maintaining our infrastructure safe, we also welcome all security researchers to help us out and take a look at Nozbe Personal’s Bug Bounty Program