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Video introduction to Inbox in Nozbe Personal

Watch this short video introducing the concept of Inbox for your tasks:

Introduction to Inbox and Adding Tasks to Nozbe Personal

The place to capture all the things that have to be done. All thoughts, ideas, tasks (professional or private) and all the little or big things you have to manage.

You will find your Inbox on the left side of the Nozbe Personal window.


Just click on it and you will move to the Inbox view.


To add your first Inbox task just click on the plus button in the bottom right corner of your Nozbe Personal app:

Add First Task to Inbox

Now put here all the tasks you are thinking about. All to-do’s, tasks, ideas, everything that comes to your mind. This way you can fully focus on your next goal. You can add text, checklist, file or picture as a task comment Under the ‘…‘ It is possible to edit the comment, pin (as the favorite one on the top of the comment list) or to create a new task with it. Comments added by you can be deleted there as well.


How to Complete a Task

It is a great feeling to complete a task. And how can you do it in Nozbe Personal? Tap on the circle next to the task’s name to mark it as done.


If the task isn’t yours, you have to tap on the assignee’s avatar and then on the “Complete task” button.


Completed tasks get archived automatically after midnight. That way, you can better focus on things you still need to do. When you want to see completed tasks in one of your projects, scroll down the task list and tap on the “Show completed” button.


If you have a trial or a paid account, you can also view all your completed tasks.

Overview of Task Parameters

Every task can have several parameters:

Task parameters

Many teams communicate via task comments in Nozbe Personal. To make it even more productive, you can write a comment in such task and add a link to information in another task. That way, you can jump between related tasks and see in Task A whether Task B has been completed. Pretty useful, right?

For example, we have a task entitled “Publish the blog post about Nozbe Personal 3.9.”. Before completing this particular task, we need to complete publishing it to various stores. My colleague responsible for that copies a link to the “Upload the app in marketplaces” task and pastes it in a comment to my “Publish the blog post…” task.


When the task “Upload the app in marketplaces” is completed, I will see that change here as well:


These task links are structured ‘’, so you can use them outside of Nozbe Personal as well. It’s a universal link, so it opens a task in a native app if you have it installed on your device or in your browser if not.

Magic Arrow - Add Tasks to the Top or Bottom of Your List

By default, you’re adding tasks to the top of your list. You can also choose to add them to the bottom of the list by clicking on a “magic arrow”.

When it points up, tasks go to the top:


When the arrow points down, tasks go to the bottom of the list:

Add First Task to Inbox

Arrow can be set up or down when adding tasks on your iPhone or iPad as well!


Converting a Task to a Project

If a task seems too big, you can convert it to a project:

New task
  1. You need to pick the task by selecting it
  2. Once it is displayed, choose the „three dots“ icon on the bottom of the Nozbe Personal window
  3. Select from the dropdown list the “Convert to project” button

Please note that all the comments and materials attached to your task will automatically be converted into attachments of a newly created project and you will be able to view them by choosing the paper clip icon in the icobar on the right hand side of your project view. If you added a checklist, all its items will be converted into separate tasks in your new project.

How to Clone a Task

If you want to copy your task, use the “Clone” option.

To clone a task, tap on the “three dots” icon at the bottom and select “Clone”.


Nozbe Personal will create a copy of the task, all its parameters, and comments. Please note that the person cloning a task will be the author of all the comments in it. Their original authors will not be visible.

The copy will not be linked to the original task in any way. A cloned task is a separate instance. It means that the changes you add to the original task won’t appear in its clone (and vice versa).

Nozbe Personal Advice: Clean Your Inbox Every Week (Inbox-Zero)

You can process your Inbox to zero by going through each and every item you have there and deciding what to do with it next: whether to move it to a different project, get it done immediately, delegate or convert to a project.

Your Inbox is shouldn’t a place to store your tasks. Try to process this view at least once a week and clean it up.

You can move tasks to projects by selecting them from list in popup window:

move to project

On desktop you can also:

dragandrop to project
  1. Show projects list
  2. Drag and drop task to specific project

What about Someday/Maybe Tasks?

Sometimes there are tasks that you can’t assign to any of your projects. Or you keep them in your Inbox, and you are not satisfied with this solution. So what to do about them? You can read about it on our blog.

More about Inbox

Now you know how to move a task from your Inbox to another project, but do you know that you can move multiple tasks at once? If you want to learn how, check our blog for the pro tip.