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Adding tasks via Siri

On iOS 11 and higher, you can add tasks to Nozbe Personal via Siri on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Tt does not work on macOS.

After installing Nozbe Personal from the App Store, you will be prompted to grant access to Siri. Just tap OK, and that’s it. If you haven’t been asked for it automatically, go to the Settings app on your iPhone -> Nozbe Personal -> Siri & Search and make sure that you have both options turned on.

On iOS, you cannot select your default app for tasks/reminders. If you say to Siri: "Remind me about sending wedding invitations tomorrow at 5 PM" Siri will add it to iOS Reminders app, not Nozbe Personal. If you want to add the task/reminder to Nozbe Personal, you have explicitly say this. We recommend saying it at the beginning of a sentence. Here are some examples:

"In Nozbe Personal remind me to do my weekly review on Friday at 8 AM"

"Using Nozbe Personal add a task to prepare a Keynote to presentation list" - if you want to add task to specific project in Nozbe Personal you need to use word “list” instead of project

Siri understands adding tasks with:

"In Nozbe Personal add a task to call John #priority" - You can also use Hashtags to add other parameters. Just say “hashtag priority”.

Nozbe Personal is integrated with Siri shortcuts, so you can create shortcuts to any task list. Just open the right panel (info bar, “i”) and use the “Add to Siri” button to record your custom phrase.

Today widget

You can enable Nozbe Personal Widget in iOS Today View. Just tap on the Edit button and select Nozbe Personal form the list of apps.

Access your Priority list data using the Nozbe Personal iOS widget. The widget shows only the most recent tasks on the Priority List and is available online.

Within the widget, you can:

  1. Open the add task window in your Inbox within the app
  2. Open the task directly in the app
  3. Complete a task directly in the widget.
  4. Open a priority list within the app

Icon Badge

You can enable icon badge on your iPhone. You can decide what the number on the badge icon represents. To use this option, go to Settings -> General and select one of the options available:

Quick Add

You can trigger Quick Add in Nozbe Personal directly from a spotlight search. Just type “quick add” or “new task” in the spotlight and tap on the Quick Add shortcut. Please note that this will only work if you have used Quick Add in the app at least once before.

You can also trigger Quick Add in the app by shaking your iPhone or iPad or by pressing ⌘^T on the physical keyboard.

Apple Watch app

Get even more productive with Nozbe Personal on your wrist. Take a look at our app on Apple Watch:

Priority List

Nozbe Personal on Apple Watch helps you view your priorities without getting your phone out of the pocket. Just glance at your wrist to see your most important tasks and complete them on the go. You can check off your tasks while running errands, or between meetings, or in the subway.

Get notified

Your Apple Watch will notify you about:

Unlike notifications on your phone, these are rich and interactive. So you can see the comment in which you were mentioned or details of delegated tasks. And you can complete, delegate, comment or make them a priority — right from the notification.

Your day at a glance

See how you’re doing with Nozbe Personal Complication

When you add Nozbe Personal Complication to your watchface, all it takes is a quick peek at your wrist to get a sense of how productive you are today. The ring shows your progress (the more you get done, the closer it gets to completion), and the number inside — how many Priority tasks you have left.

View tasks

Tap on priority tasks to see comments and more details. Press firmly to choose from 3 available options:

Download Nozbe Personal for iPhone and Apple Watch

Keyboard assistant

Nozbe Personal on the iPhone has a new cool feature we call the keyboard assistant. When typing in new tasks, you’ll see three new buttons above the keyboard:

Share extension

You can share data from other apps in iOS thanks to Share extension support. Just tap Share button in-app options, select Nozbe Personal, and add a task. The item that you wish to share will be added as a comment to a task. Adding a task via Share extension supports hashtags so you can immediately set task parameters.

Task’s Options

When you open a task in your mobile app, you have several options available to you. Just tap on three dots displayed at the bottom to open the menu. There you can choose what to do with the task.

You can:

nozbe://x-callback-url schemes

Please bear in mind that this option is for advanced users.

URL scheme is a special type of link that starts with nozbe:// and works just like normal https:// links you use every day. Instead of opening a webpage, it opens a specific view in the Nozbe Personal app on iOS or macOS. Here is an example: nozbe://inbox - it opens Nozbe Personal in the Inbox view. Below you will find technical documentation. If you want to learn how it can be used in practice read this blog post.

We implement x-callback-url protocol in our iOS and macOS apps. It is a useful method for creating workflows and shortcuts from other apps to Nozbe Personal views and actions.

URL Scheme actions look like this:

nozbe://x-callback-url/[action]?[action parameters]&[x-success parameter]



Opens priority lists and sets optional filters parameters:




Opens project lists and sets optional filters





Creates a new project and returns its ID


gray, yellow, light-pink, mint, navy, orange, raspberry, lime, light-blue, coffee, pink, green, indigo, chocolate, purple





Creates a new task and returns its ID






You can add task with parameters and comment by using hashtags. Hashtag is coded as %23




Opens Inbox




Opens project based on name or ID




Opens category based on name or ID




Opens specific view in Nozbe Personal based on IDs.

To get a url to a specific view just shake your iOS device and select Copy URL from the popup menu.