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Priority Task List

Introduction to Priority List (video)

Definition of Priority List in Nozbe Personal

Priority list is where you turn to actually start getting things done. This place is for collecting all your priority actions that need to be done next or as soon as possible. You can choose which actions to put here - just click the star on a task to make it your priority. Some tasks will be added to this list automatically (more on that later).

Next Actions
  1. Click on the star icon to open the Priority list view

  2. This is the project that this Priority task belongs to

  3. You can see here the number of comments and all parameters set for this task, such as due date, recurring, categories set

  4. Click this star to add/remove a task from your Priorities

According to GTD, Priorities (Next Actions) should be the next physical actions that will move your project forward. You can have multiple Priorities in a project, but be careful not to add too many. They can be filtered, for example by a category, to find the best tasks to do at a given time.

Tasks That Become Your Priority Automatically

Trick: Adding Priority with a “#” Shortcut

When you input a task through the app or email, type #priority or #! after the task name to automatically add it to your Priority list.

Next Actions

How to Prioritize Your Tasks

Do you struggle with too many tasks on your priority list and don’t know how to handle it? Or maybe you would like to know how to set different priority levels? If you are curious, check our blog for the pro tip.