Email tasks

Integrations and Emailing Tasks to Nozbe Works (video)

Setting up Your Nozbe Email Address

One of most useful features in daily life is the ability to email tasks and attachments to Nozbe. Anything you will need to set up is your nickname and PIN in the settings (Integrations) of your account. It will create your unique email address within Nozbe that will allow the system to recognize the email as actionable and yours.

You can set your nickname and PIN in the account settings (1) —> Integrations (2)

Set up of nickname and PIN

Now enter your nickname and PIN in the fields and update the changes. Once done, your personalized email is set up.

Example: if you set a nickname to “ann” and PIN to 2222 your email for Nozbe would be ann.2222@nozbe.me Do not forget to type a dot between your Nickname and PIN!

Forwarding an Email to Nozbe to Convert It to a Task

Now, to send the 1st task, you need to go to your email client. Open a new message, type the address and a task name. The subject line can be your task name, but you can also type the name of task in the body of the message, just as shown in the example below:

Simple one-task mail

Please note that there is a period before the name of the task and one space ((.)(space)(task)). Both “.” and a “space” are essential for correct interpretation by the system.

The message will end up in Nozbe within a few seconds as a task in your Inbox. Also, anything below the name of the task will end up as a comment to that task.

Simple task with comments emailed

The effect for both those examples will be as follows:

Simple emailed tasks

Please note that all of the formatting used for creating actions also works in emailing them to Nozbe. So if you want to send a task to the specific project or with specific category, delegation, etc. just use Hashtags(#). Here is more on that: Hashtags

Emailing Multiple Tasks at Once

One of the most useful aspects of emailing tasks to Nozbe is that you can add as many tasks as you want to. Here is an example:

Group of tasks being emailed

The result in the Inbox a second later is:

Group of tasks in Inbox

Please note that tasks which I have sent with comments do have comments in Inbox and the one I have scheduled for today is marked with a star and a date-tag. Also, the part that I have cut off by typing a double hyphen (–) — got ignored.

Trick: Emailing task with a checklist

If you want to include a checklist in your task, just type the word “checklist:” and use brackets and minus/plus signs to include checklist’s elements. Just like on the screen below:

Email checklist

After sending such an email, you will have a task with a checklist in your Nozbe.

Email checklist result

Trick: Emailing of Comments to Already Existing Tasks

Here’s a quick example that best illustrates how it works. Let say we have a project „Trip to NY“ and one of my tasks there: „new suitcase“

Comment via email

We search the web for ideas and come up with several things we would like to add to it. We, of course, start with the email address we use for sending emails to Nozbe nick.PIN@nozbe.me (please check on yours in the settings of your account).

But here the similarities end. Once we have the email, we’ll need to inform Nozbe of which task we wish to add the comment to and that can be only done by amending our title line in the message. The format should be as follows: #task: TASK NAME

In this example, the title line should look like this #task: new suitcase

Adding comment via email

Please be aware that:

  1. This parameter can be added instead of a subject line or at the end of it. In the latter case, the rest of subject line will go to the beginning of the comment
  2. You don’t have to put the entire name of the task: „new suitcase“. It is enough to write a fragment „new sui“ or „suitcase“ or „new su“.
  3. If the task’s name matches other tasks, the comment will go randomly to one of them if you don’t specify the destination project. To prevent it, you have to add the project’s name parameter: #task: task name #name of the project.