How to customize your Nozbe account


Settings Section

Every user can customize their settings and options in Nozbe. They can also print their recent invoices, upgrade their plan or change the time zone there.

"Settings" section is located under the gear icon found on the icon bar on the left in your Nozbe app.


Your Account

The Account section includes the information on your current plan in Nozbe, a number of projects and team members you can have, the date up to which your account is valid.

settings - account

There is also the „Purchase Nozbe PRO“ button that lets you change the current plan.

The following two lines inform you of your account contents:

  • App version you're currently running
  • Number of projects and storage space you are using.

Please note that Nozbe PRO users can create as many projects as they wish and can use unlimited data storage.

In the Payments area you see the payment information, and you can update the payment method. It offers you direct access to printable invoices for each and every payment you have made. Just click on the date. You can either print to a .pdf format or send a document directly to your printer.

settings - account

Personal Info

Personal Information

  1. Here, you can upload, change or remove the avatar or image that represents you as a Nozbe user. It lets your teammates easily distinguish between tasks/comments made by you and delegated to you.
  2. Here, you will find the name you have used to create the account with - you can change it anytime
  3. Shows the city you chose when signing up
  4. The Country, which you reside in. You can change it easily by selecting a different one from a dropdown list
  5. Set the language in which you wish to use your Nozbe account
  6. Allows you to decide which day your week should start with. In the US, calendars often start with Sundays and in Europe - with Mondays; but there are those of us who start their work week for instance on Wednesdays, so there you go.
  7. Time zone. This option is particularly important in a case of discrepancies between your Nozbe and other calendars or devices you might be using. If you notice a difference in time set in tasks, please check if the zones in you other apps and locations correspond to the one set up here and amend if necessary. If necessary disable the daylight saving time (DST) here.
  8. The time is automatically set to the 12h format you can change it in 24h time format here.

Please, confirm each change by using the "Update Info" button.

Password Change

settings - account

You can also change your Nozbe account password in the "Personal Info" section. To do so, you will need your original password (or a temporary one sent by Nozbe in case you lost your password).

Simply type your old password in the 1st field and then write in the new one twice in the following fields. Use "Save Changes" to confirm.

Email Address Change

settings - account

Please note that this option will send a confirmation message to your old email address, so you do need to have access to it. If you don’t, please contact our Support Team to request their assistance.

In the Account section of your account settings, you´ll also find the possibility to Back up your data you´ll find there your API key You´ll find also find the Account cancellation option here.

settings - account

Affiliate Program

The information contained here is only a basic data that allows your to start referring others to Nozbe.

Affiliate Program

Only once you have the first referee will the Affiliate tab in the general menu on the left appear among your options.

Affiliate Program Icon

The “Affiliate” tab includes the information on your current Referral program statistics, a number of visits and accounts signed up, your sales and processed payments. In it, you will also be capable of changing/customizing your affiliate link.


Here you have two sections:


Email notifications - if you wish to receive emails on activities of the people you share projects with.

Push notifications - if you want to be informed every time one of your tasks becomes due, someone wants to share a project with you, delegates a task to you or mentions your @username in their comment. This section is only available for apps that do have push notifications, namely: iOS, Mac, and Android

For more information go to the [Notifications] section of our help page.


Nozbe works with your favorite apps to help you get even more done. This section lets you manage the way Nozbe synchronizes with these tools.

E-mail tasks to Nozbe

Following area serves to set up your nickname and PIN in Nozbe. Once you choose them, you can easily email tasks to Nozbe.

Nickname and PIN

  • Type your nickname here (1)
  • Type your PIN (2) here and save changes (3)
  • Your Nozbe email will be now:

Please, see how to e-mail tasks and comments to Nozbe and learn the best tips and tricks that will make you even more productive.

Google Calendar

You can synchronize your Nozbe calendar with your Google Calendar to never miss deadlines again. It's easy, seamless and works both ways! Once you set up your integration with Google Calendar, you will be getting reminders regarding due task there. Those are fixed in 30 minutes before an event - you can turn them off in the settings.

Settings for Google Calendar integration


You can easily attach your Evernote notes to tasks and projects by connecting your Nozbe and Evernote accounts.

Evernote Reminders

Learn, step by step, how to enable integration with Evernote

Once you have your Nozbe linked to Evernote the integration will automatically cover your Evernote Reminders. A reminder added in Evernote will appear in your Inbox as a task with the due date set in Evernote and a context "Evernote Reminder". The note itself will be attached to it as a comment.


In this section, you can connect your Nozbe and Dropbox accounts to be able to attach Dropbox files easily as comments to your tasks and projects.


Learn, step by step, how to connect to your Dropbox account


Connect you Box and Nozbe accounts and attach your Box files to tasks and projects or access project-relevant files directly from Nozbe.

Learn, step by step, how to connect to your Box account

Google Drive

Connect you Google Drive and Nozbe accounts and attach your Google Drive files to tasks and projects or access project-relevant files directly from Nozbe.

Learn, step by step, how to connect to your Google Drive account

One Drive

Connect you One Drive and Nozbe accounts and attach your One Drive files to tasks and projects or access project-relevant files directly from Nozbe.

Learn, step by step, how to connect to your One Drive account

Please note, that there is a manual for each integration in the corresponding section in Nozbe, so you can make sure you know how it works before you click a "Connect" button.



In our iOS and Android apps for the touch devices, you can customize gestures. Read which gestures Nozbe supports

In this section you can change the behavior of swipes “right to left” and “left to right” - it can open a popover with the time needed, project, category, due date, recurrence, responsibility, complete a task or show task in a project view.


The last section in "Settings" opens a video tutorial for you. We have placed it here to ease accessibility to it for those users who wish to review it.

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