Filtering and sorting

How to use filtering and sorting options in Nozbe

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Filtering and sorting possibilities 

Video explaining filtering and sorting options

Why Sorting and Filtering Are so Useful?

These are compelling features that can be found in every Nozbe view's info bar, eg. Priority, Projects, You + Team etc. They help manage long task lists as you can sort the tasks or filter them. 

Attention: Please note that a given list of filtering options shows only the ones that are available at the moment on the list you want to filter. That’s why the drop-down menu with the filtering options changes depending on where you are in Nozbe.

Various sorting options available in Nozbe

You can sort your list using a different option. Those available in Nozbe are:

  • by task name
  • by person responsible
  • by due date
  • by date created
  • by date modified
  • by number of comments
  • by priority

Different filtering options available in Nozbe

You can filter your tasks by various filtering parameters such as:

  • due date
  • responsible
  • priority
  • categories
  • labels
  • recurrence
  • done
  • projects
  • without category
  • sharing

Hint: How to Filter by Multiple Categories

Although right now it is not possible to filter the list by two categories at once, there is a special workaround to achieve a similar effect.
You can filter the list by one category, and filter it (the search results) again by the second one. Only tasks with both categories will stay on your list then.

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