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Native iOS features in Nozbe

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Adding tasks via Siri

On iOS 11 and higher, you can add tasks to Nozbe via Siri on your iPhone and iPad. Please note it does not work on macOS or Apple Watch. It may come in future updates.

  • Setting up Siri

After installing Nozbe from the App Store, you will be prompted to grant access to Siri. Just tap OK, and that’s it. If you haven’t been asked for it automatically, go to the Settings app on your iPhone -> Nozbe -> Siri & Search and make sure that you have both options turned on.

Siri setup
  • How to talk to Siri

On iOS, you cannot select your default app for tasks/reminders. That’s why if you say to Siri: "Remind me about sending wedding invitations tomorrow at 5 PM" Siri will add it to iOS Reminders app, not Nozbe. If you want to add the task/reminder to Nozbe, you have explicitly say this. We recommend to say it at the begin of a sentence. Here are some examples:

"In Nozbe remind me to do my weekly review on Friday at 8 AM"

"Using Nozbe add a task to prepare a Keynote to presentation list" - if you want to add task to specific project in Nozbe you need to use word “list” instead of project


Siri understands adding tasks with:

  • due dates and time
  • basic recurrence patterns
  • project

"In Nozbe add a task to call John #priority" - You can also use Hashtags to add other parameters. Just say “hashtag priority”.

Today widget

You can enable Nozbe Widget in iOS Today View. Just tap on Edit button and select Nozbe form the list of apps.

Access your Priority list data very quickly using Nozbe iOS widget. The widget shows only most recent tasks on the Priority list and is available online.

Within the widget you can:

  1. Open the add task window in your Inbox within the Nozbe app
  2. Open the task directly in the app
  3. Complete a task directly in the widget.
  4. Open a priority list within the Nozbe app

Apple Watch app

Get even more productive with Nozbe on your wrist. Take a look at Nozbe on Apple Watch:

Priority List

Nozbe on Apple Watch makes it easy to view your priorities without getting your phone out of the pocket. Just glance at your wrist to see your most important tasks and complete them on the go. You can check off your tasks while running errands, or between meetings, or in the subway.

Get notified

Your Apple Watch will notify you about:

  • Your name mentioned - you will get a gentle tap on the wrist when someone mentions your name in a discussion or delegates a task to you
  • Delegated tasks - you will get a gentle tap when someone delegates a task to you
  • Due dates - you will get reminded of tasks when they’re due
  • Project invitations - you can instantly accept or reject project invitations

Unlike notifications on your phone, these are rich and interactive. So you can see the comment in which you were mentioned or details of delegated tasks. And you can complete, delegate, comment or make them a priority — right from the notification.

Your day at a glance

See how you're doing with Nozbe Complication

When you add Nozbe Complication to your watchface, all it takes is a quick peek at your wrist to get a sense of how productive you are today. The ring shows your progress (the more you get done, the closer it gets to completion), and the number inside — how many Priority tasks you have left.

Add to inbox

To add to-dos and notes to your Nozbe, press firmly on the priority list to dictate new tasks. You can add them to your inbox so you can deal with them later on your Mac or iPhone, or you can tap the star to make them a priority. You can even use hashtags to add a due date, a project name or other details (just say “#tomorrow #project”).

View tasks

Tap on priority tasks to see comments and more details. Press firmly to choose from 3 available options:

  • complete the task
  • delegate it to someone
  • add a comment to the discussion

Download Nozbe for iPhone and Apple Watch

Keyboard assistant

Nice keyboard

Nozbe on iPhone has a new cool feature we call the keyboard assistant. When typing in new tasks, you’ll see three new buttons above the keyboard:

  • Direction arrow. Usually, tasks are added to the top of the list in Nozbe. However, sometimes you might want to append them to the bottom, for example, when noting low-priority items, or when you start a new project and want to enter multiple tasks from top to bottom.
  • Hashtag key. When adding new tasks, you can use the hashtag notation to mark them with extra parameters. For example, “Review this project #tomorrow #every week” will make the task due tomorrow, then repeating every week. It isn’t a new feature, but the “#” key is now instantly reachable. (We also made many improvements to the hashtag suggestion list.)
  • Priority switch. You can now mark a new task as a priority from any place in the app without leaving the keyboard area. Before, you would have to add the task, open it, and then mark it as a priority. (Or you would have to know about the secret “#!” hashtag parameter :)) Now, just tap the star before pressing the return/Next button, and whatever it is you’re creating, it’s a priority!

Share extension

Sharing from other apps in iOS is very easy thanks to Share extension support. Just tap Share button in-app options, select Nozbe and add a task. The item that you wish to share will be added as a comment to a task. Please note that adding a task via Share extension supports hashtags so you can easily set task parameters.

URL Schemes

Nozbe for iOS and Mac support some URL Schemes. They allow to build some automated workflows. Below you can find list of available paths:

  • goto actions:
    • nozbe://goto#na - Opens Priority list
    • nozbe://goto#inbox - Opens Inbox
    • nozbe://goto#calendar-this_week - Opens This week view in Calendar
    • nozbe://goto#unread_comments - Opens Unread comments view
    • nozbe://goto#search-phrase - Searches for phrase and opens search results view
    • nozbe://goto#settings-account - Opens Account settings view
    • nozbe://goto#na/task-hQubONWxJHKxDwLH - Opens task with ID: hQubONWxJHKxDwLH in Priority view. To get the task ID open a task in and copy it from address bar
url scheme id
  • id actions:

    • nozbe://task/hQubONWxJHKxDwLH - Opens task with ID: hQubONWxJHKxDwLH in its project view
    • nozbe://project/FmZ5zpoSFZoIgb7W - Opens project with ID: FmZ5zpoSFZoIgb7W
    • nozbe://category/BlFBSzmEVbifbeP2 - Opens category with ID: BlFBSzmEVbifbeP2
    • nozbe://star/task_id - Adds task with ID:task_id to Priority list
    • nozbe://unstar/task_id - Removes task with ID:task_id from Priority list
    • nozbe://priority?label=LabelName - Adds filter on Priority list by label named LabelName
  • add actions:

    • nozbe://add_to_inbox - Opens new task form in Inbox view
    • nozbe://add_to_inbox?name=Foo - Opens new task form in Inbox view and fills input with Foo
    • nozbe://add_task?name=Foo - Adds new task in Inbox named Foo
    • nozbe://add_task?name=Foo%20bar%20%23!&project_id=FmZ5zpoSFZoIgb7W - Adds new priority task named Foo bar to the project with ID: FmZ5zpoSFZoIgb7W
    • nozbe://add_project?name=Foo%20Project Adds new project named Foo Project
    • nozbe://add_project?name=Pakowanie&template_id=wmAF26uFbNFUxUFe - Creates new private project from template with ID: wmAF26uFbNFUxUFe